Challenge Yourself with Advanced Placement

In today's competitive educational climate, students and parents are seeking ways to enrich high school learning experiences. AP courses offer high school students the opportunity to receive university credits for their work during high school, as well as a standard measure of achivement in a particular course. All courses prepare students to successfully pass the approved College Board exam. In addition, since the student will have already completed first year level university courses, students' chances of acceptance at colleges and universities are increased.

Registration is now closed for the 2014-2015 school year for all AP courses except AP Psychology. Students may register for AP Psychology up to February 1, 2015. Please note that registration for College Board exams will take place in January, and all AP courses must be completed by June 1, 2015.

AP@SIDES™ provides students with interactive courseware that goes beyond conventional online high school courses to offer an unparalleled critical challenge. All courseware at AP@SIDES™ is developed by Apex Learning. Apex delivers online instructional products designed to raise achievement for today's students.

AP Exam Review

AP Exam Review AP Exam Review is the student-driven compliment to ClassTools for AP. It is the only self-guided AP test prep program that not only diagnoses problem areas, but also recommends personalized study plans and provides specific learning resources, giving each student a tailor-made strategy for success.

Students can efficiently prioritize their study sessions, get help online from expert certified AP teachers, and practice answering real AP Exam questions licensed from the College Board. The confidence students gain can literally make the difference between getting college credit.... or failing the exam.

How do I Get Started?

Complete an online application form at sides.ca.

Phone Kathy Stefani, AP Counsellor, at 250-704-4956 for more information.